Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vintage Chic but Modern Cheap (Antique Mirror Tutorial)

I've seen several tutorials about how to age a mirror or use clear glass to make an antique mirror. However, none of the sites I've seen have gone beyond treating the glass and hanging it on the wall, so I decided to take it a step further. I wanted a mirror with a some pizzazz.  

My solution was to use a vintage spoon as a hook to hang my mirror. I'm pleased with the outcome. What do you think?

Side view of spoon hook

Now let me tell you how to do this for yourself. The items I used are:

*   Frames from thrift store (they were 99¢ each)
*   Krylon Looking Glass Mirror-Like Paint (at discounts stores)
*   Vinegar water (1 part vinegar to 2 parts water)
*   2½" wide grosgrain ribbon (I LOVE grosgrain ribbon)
*   1 Silver plated serving spoon and 2 silver plated tablespoons
*   Drill with 3/32" cobalt bit 
    (it must be cobalt to drill through the metal)
*   Clamp
*   Screws & 2 washers
*   Jewelry connectors (in the findings section at hobby stores)
*   Spray paint
*   Glue gun
*   Bolt cutter
*   Whet stone (for sharpening knives)

Don't let that list intimidate you. It promise isn't that much stuff, and you probably have most of it around the house.

First, wipe down your frame and remove the glass. Paint the frame whatever color you desire. This is what one of my frames looked like before I began.

Here is the mirror paint and vinegar water. I only had apple cider vinegar, so it looks dark, but it worked the same.

Now you want to clean the glass well. Lay the glass on a drop cloth or newspaper and give it a spritz with the vinegar water. Immediately spray the mirror paint on the glass with the wet droplets. (Please follow all directions on the can.) It must be done with plenty of ventilation (i.e. outside, because breathing is vital to finishing this project). Allow the glass to dry completely and repeat the process several times. (I did it five times.) It doesn't take long to dry between coats.

I sprayed the first pieces of glass all over because I get a little excited with new projects. I was more selective with my spritzing on the last piece, concentrating on specific areas. I also took a soft cloth and gently rubbed a little of the silver paint off in a few areas. While you are waiting for your paint to dry you can work on your spoons.

 Clamp the spoon onto your drilling work surface. I suggest clamping it face down, because decorative spoons have embellishments on the top that can make your drill "walk" around.  Mark where you want to drill and go for it. (I forgot to photograph this step, so I had to recreate it with a plain spoon from the kitchen drawer. It was a necessary sacrifice.)

Once you have your hole drilled you will bend the spoon. Be sure to bend your spoon before you cut the head off because it gives you more to hold onto while bending. Turn the spoon over, and cover it with an old cloth to protect the design on the top. (Turn it over so the decorative part will be on the outside once you bend it.) Bend it over the edge of your work table.

I found it hard to make the second bend on the table, so I secured the spoon into the clamp and pressed it against concrete to get my U shape.

This is the U shaped spoon with the head cut off. I cut the spoon with a bolt cutter and smoothed the edges with a whet stone.

Screw your hooks onto your frame, and be sure to pre-drill your screw holes. I hot glued jewelry connectors to the corners for a little more interest. Now you are ready to hang your keys, aprons, or jewelry on your beautiful new accessory. (I have to grin here because I also made all the jewelry hanging on my mirror except for the pink Brighton bracelet.) 

I used the jewelry connectors on the black frame as well. I really like the look of this sweet mirror with its unique hanger.

My mom wanted a small mirror to sit on her antique secretary. I taped off the initial before I painted the glass then put a striped paper (that she picked) behind the mirror. (The photo doesn't show the reflection of the glass very well.)

Now you need to give it a go. It's fun and easy. Best of all, it's inexpensive! Have fun.

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Jennifer said...

Love this! So cute!!

mary b said...

I like the one with jewelry. Really, I like them all. So many cute things you can do with one craft.LOVE IT!

Unknown said...

Awesome! So vintage chic!

Donna Kissell, FL said...

Am enjoying your blog very much so. Keep up the good work and your enthusiasm!

t marie said...

Thank you so much for the precious words of encouragement. I am so pleased you guys are enjoying creative confetti.

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