Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thanks in Advance

Isn't it amazing when our desires line up with God's? No, I guess it really isn't amazing. What is amazing is when I allow God to direct the desires He has given me. When that happens the most beautiful peace covers me like warm comfort.

This isn't exactly one of those times.

I LOVED everything about my trip to Haiti with bgm and New Missions. God's meticulous orchestration of every detail was as exciting as actually being in Haiti. I told many people before I left in March that I knew it wouldn't be my only trip to Haiti.

As soon as we returned home I sat my sights on a return trip in November. It was exciting to think I could go back within the year. Imagine my surprise when God called me to return with the July group. Wow!

You know I actually asked, "Are you serious God?" I'm sure He rolled His eyes at me for the umpteenth time in my life.

I do want to go back to Haiti as many times as God will allow me. I just didn't think He would call me so soon, or in JULY. Do you know how stinking hot AND HUMID Haiti is in July? Well technically I don't know myself, yet, but I know how hot it was the first week of March and that was winter! I showered twice a day. And let me tell you, this girl doesn't glisten, she sweats - like a man.

I know it isn't about me, but I am SO hot natured it can't be normal. Every picture of me on the Great Wall of China shows me with a beet red face from heat. And I have survived a mission trip to the interior of Mexico during Summer so I know I won't actually die.

Women older than I have laughed and said, "Just wait until menopause." Are you kidding me?? I have serious fears of spontaneous combustion when I enter into menopause.

So while I am hungry to return to Haiti I've been less than thrilled to face the heat. Nonetheless, God has called and I really am excited to go. Not even the heat can keep me following this beautiful, thrilling path.

Another area of excitement for me is seeing God provide for this new adventure. Admittedly I am also a dash anxious as I am still quite short on funds to pay for the trip. That small bit of anxiety is able to keep God's peace out of reach. Each day I have to remind myself that God wouldn't have called me if He didn't plan on furnishing everything needed.

So, dear friends I would greatly cherish all prayers you would express on my behalf. Please pray for God's provision both financially and spiritually.

Thank you dear ones.

p.s. I still hope to return in November if God will let me. Click here for a video of our March trip.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Fun, Food, & Friends

I had a fun, full weekend. Friday night I went to dinner with my friends Tammy & Rhonda. It was Tam's birthday, and we met at Wild Noodles in Cool Springs. We really enjoy Wild Noodles. Sadly they will be closing in about three weeks. This is quite disappointing as the food is delicious and the atmosphere is delightful.

Afterward we went to see Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. This documentary by Ben Stein is about Intelligent Design and the conspiracy to prevent ID from being discussed in scientific circles. It was extremely interesting.

Saturday I made spaghetti sauce for dinner at Stacy's house. It has become a weekly date for Stacy, Melissa, and I to get together on Saturday for dinner and tv. It's good fun.

Sunday was busy as usual. After church I was invited to eat lunch with the Mills (parents) & Wagner families. I really like this group of folks and enjoyed the fellowship in the "mafia booth" at Santa Fe. We're not sure why our server gave us that name.

Lunch was running late and I had to be in Cool Springs by 2:00 so I had to stuff down my salad as fast as I could. Anyone who know me realizes what an effort that is for me. I am a slow eater. Eating quickly is not fun for me or my tummy. Eating quickly would have been welcomed. Instead, I practically inhaled my food.

By the time I left the restaurant I had 20 minutes to get to Cool Springs. I would be late but not too badly. I was going to see Dyllan play Mushu in his middle school production of Mulan. However, 2 overturned tractor trailers on I-65 further delayed my progress .

Almost an hour after leaving the restaurant I made it to the musical. I had only missed the first 2 scenes. Thankfully Mike & Missy had saved a seat for me. Dyllan was a huge hit. People were asking Mike & Missy if the little dragon was their son and saying how much they enjoyed his performance.

It was a good weekend. Good friends, good food, and good fun. I am truly blessed.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Laugh until you lose your breath

That's pretty much my motto. I even had it printed on my checks. I love to laugh, so imagine my delight when I woke myself with laughter this morning.

It was about 3:oo when I slowly drifted back to consciousness because I was giggling. A very silly dream was playing in my head, and I was completely tickled. After I awoke I realized what had happened and giggled some more.

I didn't mind waking up so early. Fortunately I was able to return to sleep almost immediately. More importantly I was delighted at the manner in which I woke.

I'd share the dream with you, or at least the hazy glimpses that remain, but it wouldn't be funny in the retelling or in the "real" world. The dream itself isn't what is important. I like to think that God decided to get me all tickled and wake me in such a splendid way just to see His girl smile.

Good morning Lord.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


My creativity is on strike. I'm sitting in the middle of thousands of beads, wire, tools, and other various findings and I have nothing. Nada. Zilch. I wonder where I could go to fill up my creativity tank.

Considering I have 6 jewelry orders to fill this is not good news. I feel completely drained. The worst part is that I'm not sure I want to be creative right now.

Ouch. Creativity is almost equal to air for me.

Good grief.
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