Friday, July 29, 2011

Big Lips and Mater

I hadn't seen my Caitie Bug in a couple of weeks. I missed her. She missed me too (YAY!). So we decide on a spontaneous trip to the movies. YAY again! It was a Light TaterBug Day.

Just one little problem. I poked something into my eye.
Pain... check.
Tears... check.
Late for our last minute movie... check.

Oh well. We were still going to get four hours together. Since we were hungry we went to one of our FAVIE places - Pei Wei. (We also hit The Container Store since we were in that shopping center.) Next up was a thrift store for items for a craft project I'm working on.

Our last stop was the Brown Sugar Bake Shop for cupcakes. Bug got strawberry - her favorite. I got chocolate Oreo (and a red velvet to take to my mama). If you are in the LR area you MUST stop by. The goodies are delish, and the shop is too. stinking. cute! (Please forgive the lack of a photo. I forgot to take my camera. I could have taken a photo with my phone, but it was raining outside, and we were too busy noshing to take a photo inside. Next time, I promise!)

We decided to have fun on the drive home. I broke out the big lips and Mater teeth. Unfortunately we laughed for a good five miles, so we were useless. We finally got ourselves under control and rode down the road like this.

Very few drivers noticed, but those who did were fun to watch. We had such serious faces, and we caused a few double takes. The best reaction was from an airman on his way home from the LRAFB. We passed each other a couple of times in both lanes. When he went by on his second pass we waved at him. He kept turning around and looking back as he passed. He never stopped smiling!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Honorable Mention

This sweet girl got an honorable mention in a photo contest. She placed in the top 20 (not counting the three winners). I am so pleased with that result, especially since there were thousands of entries. I'm also excited because it was taken with a 5 mp, point and shoot camera! It is from 2008.

This beautiful child was a seven year old from Tibukon, Haiti. She attended the New Mission school on the top of the mountain in Tibukon.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Little Rock/North Little Rock

Early Sunday morning, a friend and I went to shoot a charming neighborhood in North Little Rock. It's called the Argenta District, and it is delightful. I plan to return as soon as I get my big-girl camera. (I giggled when I learned that my cousin Casey used that phrase. I have said that for a while now and wasn't surprised when I read her use it too.)

We got to the neighborhood around 6:30. The Sun was still on the rise and the clouds were perfect.

The Argenta Drug Company. It makes me smile.

The Starving Artist Cafe (just as the sign reads).

A typical sidewalk. That morning there was a city worker driving around in a little cart 
with a huge water tank.
She was watering all the hanging plants.
The baskets are all over the area, so she had a big job.

See! I told you. Perfect clouds.

Next we moved to the river (the Arkansas River of course). There is a great walking/bike trail along the river. There is also plenty of seating along the trail, in case you want to watch the barges go by.

 This is the bridge that leads to the River Market (just behind the amphitheater with the blue tent) on the Little Rock side. There was a healthy breeze blowing that  kept us cool. God was all over us!

We crossed over the river and went downtown to Capitol Avenue. 
The clouds were even fabulous on the buildings.

 And we ended at the Capitol.

 It was a fun morning. We took pictures for about an hour and a half then headed home to get ready to go to church. It was a delicious day!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

$5.99 Worth of Cuteness (chair covers)

A while back I found a darling set of napkins at Tuesday Morning. Deliciously large, 20" square napkins. I loved the colors and the floral print especially. The combination of size, color, and coordinating prints required me to make the purchase. My only regret was that it was the only set.

The napkins (shown folded in half) came in these two cute fabric patterns.

I decided to use the napkins as chair covers for my mom's kitchen chairs. She had been looking for chair covers for some time and hadn't found anything she liked.

I knew she would like these.

Mama and I both adore the Shabby Chic look. Rachel Ashwell has been my favorite designer for years. You can find out more about Rachel and Shabby Chic here.

The napkins fit the chairs perfectly! The only thing left was to sew on a few ties. Easy schmeasy!

  I cut strips from a blue sheet, sewed simple tubes then attached them to the napkins. Of course I placed the napkins on the seats and pinned where the ties should go. (You can also use a sturdy ribbon like grosgrain to cut down on the sewing.)

And voila. Simple sweetness. You can't beat a $5.99 happy!

Now tell me what you could do with a set of napkins.

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