Monday, August 23, 2010

So Much Love

You are so amazing. The capacity of your heart is astounding. More people need to love like you. My life has exploded with blessing since you entered it. Oh, how I can't wait for Heaven so I will be able to tell you what you are to me, because our words aren't worthy.

You need to know that your heart is precious to me. If I could hold it and protect it I would. Anytime you need comforting you MUST come to me. And never think that I can't handle it. I have amazing sister shoulders on which you can lean. I'm practically Popeye in that category!

If you need someone to laugh with, you know there is no one better. We share a humor that only sisters could understand. Being silly with you is one of the greatest joys in this world. We laugh so hard that we can no longer speak and yet we continue to communicate with snorts, hiccups, nods, and flailing hands. And we know exactly what the other means, even if we've forgotten what was funny in the first place!

When you hurt my heart breaks. When you smile my heart soars. When we giggle I stop breathing.

I love you.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wuv, Twu Wuv

I was going to post these pictures on my parent's anniversary, September 19th. Instead, I'm taking my own advice, and I'm not going to wait. I love you Mama. I love you Daddy.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why Wait?

We've all heard "Save the best for last." My question is why?

I must confess that I've long held a subscription to this line of thinking. If I'm eating fresh fruit salad, I will make sure to save one of my favorite pieces for the last bite. It's nice to end on a good, bite. If I have errands or chores I try to get the most unpleasant ones out of the way first. But does that really make sense?

Just today a friend posted on fb that she ate dessert before lunch. HURRAY! You go K! I'm proud of you.

A couple of days ago I was eating an enormous slice of watermelon. I had cut the melon away from the rind and filled a large bowl (hee hee hee... yay for me!). The first piece I forked wasn't from the sweeter, succulent center portion. It was from the outer section. As I took that bite, I realized that if I stayed true to form I ran the risk of filling up before I could eat the sweetest bits. I changed my tactic and dived into the middle.

What a GREAT decision. (Yes silly, little decisions can be GREAT.) I didn't finish the bowl of watermelon, but I finished the best part.

So why do we wait for the good stuff? This is not the waiting we do in relation to hearing God speak. Sometimes we know what lies before us but we choose to wait on our own accord. Why?

Even my 15 year-old niece gets it. See for yourself here and here. As my blue-eyed Bug reminds us, "...only God knows if there's going to be a later." Pretty good wisdom from a teenager, huh?

So if you hear God speaking, calling you to action, don't hesitate.

And eat the center of the melon first.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


It was Christopher's turn to sit in front of the camera for me. I'm still working on my quality, but I think I captured some pretty cool shots of this amazing kid.

If Chris looks a little too serious in the shot above there is a reason. There was a pile of poo about 9" from his left foot (I pulled up a large weed to cover it.) Additionally, there was an oozing dumpster about 30 yards behind Christopher. It was starting to get hot by this time, and the air was circulating between the buildings enhancing the eau de dumpster. Chris looked at me and said, "I'm not enjoying this breeze right now." I bent over with laughter. He was laughing too, but he couldn't bend over because there was poo!

Two kiddos down and two to go! This is so much fun! YaY for ME! (Yes, that's 3 exclamation marks.)
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