Sunday, March 30, 2014

Five Things to Catch Up 2014

It has been almost five months since my last post. Obviously I don't deserve to call myself a blogger. Not that it matters. The likelihood that anyone reads this is slim. If you are here, thanks, and welcome. I thought I'd do a quick bullet point to recap the beginning of 2014.

  1. Our student ministry hosted DNow in January. We had over 300 students, and I loved hanging out with the junior and senior girls from Park Hill and Baring Cross.

  2. I had the opportunity to go on my second mission trip to work with the Landing Church in the Seattle area. We spent time praying over the community and helping the church set-up and break-down the portable church service.
Snoqualmie Falls Washington

  3. March has been a super month too. Tiffany and I had a fun afternoon painting canvases. The same evening my Caitie Bug came over for a TaterBug weekend. A week later, my OBU friend, Kristi drove up for a spontaneous Girls' Day.
Lunch with Kristi - fish tacos from the Flying Fish.

  4. Caitie and I had another TaterBug Day to celebrate her going away to the USAF boot camp. Okay, it wasn't a celebration of her leaving. In fact, I feel a little like curling into a ball and sucking my thumb about losing her for four and a half months. She will come back as a USAF reservist and a trained dental assistant. We celebrated her 19th birthday and the beginning of her grown-up life. 

  5.  In just over a week, I leave for NY. I really enjoyed my time in the city last fall. I'm looking forward to spending time with my beautiful friend Jerri.  Here are a couple of shots from my first visit in Ocotober.

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