Sunday, August 8, 2010


It was Christopher's turn to sit in front of the camera for me. I'm still working on my quality, but I think I captured some pretty cool shots of this amazing kid.

If Chris looks a little too serious in the shot above there is a reason. There was a pile of poo about 9" from his left foot (I pulled up a large weed to cover it.) Additionally, there was an oozing dumpster about 30 yards behind Christopher. It was starting to get hot by this time, and the air was circulating between the buildings enhancing the eau de dumpster. Chris looked at me and said, "I'm not enjoying this breeze right now." I bent over with laughter. He was laughing too, but he couldn't bend over because there was poo!

Two kiddos down and two to go! This is so much fun! YaY for ME! (Yes, that's 3 exclamation marks.)


Mary Bryan said...

The pictures look great. I have a friend that might be interested in you taking her son's senior pictures. You have a great talent! Love you!

Dee said...

Love the first one, T. The blue of his shirt & the blue in the bridge, not to mention the perspective of the bridge - great job.

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