Tuesday, April 10, 2012

focused on Glory (such creativity)

I delight in flowers. I guess I'm a characteristic girl in that fashion. They make me smile. (I'm actually smiling as I type this!)

Yesterday I grabbed my camera and headed three doors down to Miss Ruth's garden. She was so accommodating and told me I could move whatever I wanted to take pictures. What a doll face. She is in her early 80's and tends her flowerbed every day. She's a gem and her little garden is beyond charming.

One of the reasons I love flowers is because they show, yet again, the boundless creativity of my God. I hope you will share my awe with a look through my lens. Beware, some shots aren't your typical flower picture. I wanted details, and I tried to capture them to the best of my and my equipment's ability. 

There is glory to be seen.

I hope you smile.

Be sure to click on the photo for more detail. 
God is amazing in the details.

The center of a clematis.

This is a newborn snapdragon. The buds are the size of 
the end of my pinkie finger.

The pollen is clinging to the hairs on the petunias.

These little violas (aka Johnny Jump-ups per my friend Kristi) were in Miss Shirley's flowerbed next door to Miss Ruth.

This beauty is from Mr. Marshall and Miss Mary's front step.  

Look who was in my camera bag. Being named Blossom Flowerpot, I had to let her enjoy the flowers too.

Stop by Jennifer's blog for her foG post HERE. Maybe she will show Granny Marks' honeysuckle, but that's just a guess. 
I can't wait to see. 


Jennifer said...

Oh, you KNEW my "flower power" self would love these!!! :) They are amazingly wonderful and you are rocking that camera! And that photo of Miss Blossom is just too adorable. <3 I think I want it framed on my wall. :)

t marie said...

Yes, I thought you might like this post. I truly enjoy posting pictures I think you will enjoy.

Thanks for the sweet words. Miss Blossom is honored. You may have her photo any time you like.

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