Wednesday, June 6, 2012

focused on Glory (in good times)

It seems easy to focus on God's glory when things are going well. But how often do we actually stop to take focus? I know I don't always, but this week has been really good so far, and I've been trying to reconcile it all to His glory. Nothing happens without His prior knowledge, therefore it must all tie to His glory if we allow it to. Sometimes there are things that happen that make us want to lash out and accuse. Other times bring so much happiness that we forget that those moments are also part of His purpose.

This week I sold three of my Razorback canvases, and I have an order for two more. It's a slow start, but I'm thrilled. I also got to spend the entire day with my sister yesterday. That was the best! Unfortunately I had forgotten to take an inhaler, so that meant we had to keep ourselves  in check as much as possible. Mary + Me= LAUGHTER) ( Which also equals an inhaler!)

We went shopping and spent very little, but we had SO. MUCH. FUN! Then we went bowling at the LRAFB. There was fabulous 50's music playing, and we knew all the words to the songs. There was also dancing as we bowled, with little regard as to the stares of those around us, and I almost dropped my pink bowling ball on Mary's foot because we were laughing. For the last game, I dragged the ball ramp over to our lane for Mary to use. She was having issues with her ball. It was grouchy and wouldn't cooperate. That last game was a hoot too because I bowled the whole thing left handed! (One more thing. We realized that the lady behind the counter didn't put anyone on either side of our lane.)

We also had time to talk about a few things that were on our hearts. I told her about a situation in which I am having a hard time praying about something, but that I need to be disciplined to do it anyway. She listened and agreed to pray too.

What a good day. Thank you Lord. 

She let me take a few photos of her before we left for the day. 
Isn't she lovely. 


Kecia said...

Oh, she is lovely! Hi Mary!
We went bowling with our college students this week, and I did have fun but I don't think we had as much fun as you did... :)

Jennifer said...

Finally catching up on blogs this own and others! Yes, she is lovely, and I can just see and hear the laughter and fun in the bowling alley. Glad you all were able to have such a special day!

Jill Weir said...

What a wonderful picture of Mary!

mary b said...

Thank you everyone. You make me blush. If you knew how many poses it took just to get that one that looked good. Ofcourse, the others were of me making faces or laughing because I can't help but laugh being around my sister because she makes my heart smile.

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