Sunday, December 2, 2012

Senior Pictures With Caitie Bug

I had So. Much. Fun. with Caitie a couple of weeks ago. Here are a few shots from our first outing for senior pictures. There are several "finishes" on the photos to give her variety. Regardless of what was done to the pics, she is a doll.

This is one of my favorite shots!

The day turned hot and steamy with a plague of mosquitoes. 
She looks as cool as an icicle.


Stunning again!

And now for a few out takes. The next two are self photos Caitie took in the car. And yes, the camera was upside down.

Words cannot accommodate my thoughts and emotions toward this young woman. She is amazing through and through. She has a smile that is electrifying, a crippling sense of humor, and a heart for Jesus. Yeah, she's all that.

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