Friday, April 5, 2013

Butterflies and Rainbows (Seriously)

Today wasn't so great, but then again it wasn't the worst day either. At least I didn't collect concussion number six or broken pinky toe number eight. (There are about four hours left in the day, but I'm being positive.)

A couple of things at work caused me to have a decidedly unproductive day. A task that always take 10 minutes took almost an hour due to computer issues. Yay!

Unfortunately my computer wasn't finished tormenting me. It froze up and restarted itself and threw away over two hours of creative work. The kicker is that I could have limited the level of devastation, but I chose to ignore the "save as you go" rule.

Lesson learned.

But you know what? A couple of great things happened too. Last week I got to witness the birth of a butterfly. (The daycare at church has grown and cared for caterpillars over the last couple of weeks.) Today I participated as dozens of butterflies were released into the courtyard. One by one, children got to hold a butterfly in their palm until it flew away. Each time a butterfly took flight the children would wave and shout, "Bye, bye butterfly!"

 When I was almost ready to leave for the day, I walked into the sanctuary. The lights were off, and the sun was streaming through the stained glass. It was a beautiful, peaceful moment.

When I was almost home I realized I had left my phone in the bathroom at work. It was in a public area and I was concerned because it had been about 45 minutes since I last had it. I borrowed a phone and called a co-worker who happened to be near by. She went back to church and retrieved my phone.

So it was still a good day.

And Satan doesn't get to win. (He's a punk.)

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1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Love this! Love the sanctuary photo especially. <3 And so thankful about your phone!

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