Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Problem With Pinterest

I know someone just read the button and shouted, "Amen!" Now don't get me wrong. I love me a healthy dose of Pinterest. Of course, I'm not sure there is such a thing as a "healthy dose" when it comes to Pinterest. I have to be careful not to log-on too often because I know I am liable to fall into a black hole of craftiness. And I would like to state for the record that I AM NOT AT ALL BITTER about the fact that I am not the one who came up with Pinterest. 

Now that I've established my affection to this ingenious website, I can get on with an area of discontent. How many times have you run into the issue in the button? 

I recently ran across a pin that claimed it only takes $5.00 and 30 minutes to make adorable, chairs. The chairs came from all new materials - nothing recycled.  That project may only cost $5.00 if all you have to buy is the paint! And while the directions are quite simple, you would have to be Ty Pennington to complete the project in 30 minutes or less, especially with sanding and painting. I'm a pretty handy, crafty girl, and I couldn't do it in that time frame. 

So what was that pinner thinking? Were they hoping they would get more pins if they fudge the facts? Does it make them look smarter if the rest of us can't accomplish the results as cheaply and timely as they? I don't know. 

Still, the chairs were pretty cool. I've decided to bookmark the page for a day when I have an extra hour or two and more than a $5.00 in my pocket. 

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