Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Mama in Stereo

Recently my mother got a hearing aid, and it has made a great impact on her quality of life. We both giggle at the discovery of "new" sounds to her. Now she can hear the click of the light switch on the wall, the smacking sound of soap when you wash your hands, and she can hear me when I have my back to her.

Sometimes Mama will sit still with a look of concentration, and I'll ask what she is listening to. She might smile and say, "I can hear the birds outside." It brings a smile to my face as well. 

Other big discoveries are that the television volume is no longer set to 64 (the loudest setting). The volume now hovers around level 30. She is also pleased to be able to hear the teapot whistle, the newspaper rustle as she reads it, and to be able to join in the discussion in her Sunday School class.

This new adventure has delighted me to no end. I am so very happy for my sweet mama. It's a joy to see her experience long lost sounds.

After she got acclimated to her first hearing aid, which was purple by the way, she went back for the second one. She chose silver for the second to make them easier to tell apart.

Mama was so excited as she waited for the second hearing aid to come in. On Monday she giggled as she said, "I get my other hearing aid tomorrow, and then I'll have surround sound!"

How cute is that?

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1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Love this! And so glad your sweet mama has "surround sound" now!

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