Sunday, October 6, 2013

Squeezing September & Overflowing October

Life has been good. 

Scratch that. God has been good, and life has been busy. 

The last few weeks have been a tornado of activity. The next few are slated to be the same, and I like it!

Here's some of what has been going on...

 I went on a mission trip to Seattle to work with The Landing Church. Our group did landscaping and clean up at a local elementary school. We also fed the faculty and staff a yummy lunch from Q'doba.

Andy and Trang Brown moved from Arkansas to the Seattle area earlier this year to start The Landing Church. They are doing a fabulous job of getting to know the people in their area, and showing them that God's love is all about relationship.

I spent the day helping in a classroom. That is where I met THE MOST AMAZING kindergarten teacher EVAH! Mrs. Menon has the enthusiasm of a brand new teacher - even after more than a decade in the classroom. She struck a beautiful harmony between discipline and fun, and her communication skills were a joy to witness. Mrs. Menon used words that were above her students, but then she would follow up by repeating her instructions with a synonym of the hard word. Why wait to expand a child's vocabulary? 
Their brains are sponges, they can take it.

I enjoyed the art instillation that decorated downtown.

The flowers at Pike's Place Market overwhelmed my happy senses.

Another project we accomplished was to serve the homeless population downtown. We packed duffle bags with socks, blankets, hygiene products, and a Bible. My group met Mike and Trish. We bought their lunch, and talked with one another. I sat next to Trish in the dirty parking lot between a car and a concrete wall and let her tell me her story.We prayed for them before we left. I'm still praying for them. 

This is the famous Gum Wall at Pike's Place Market.

A view of Puget sound from the top of an apartment building.

When I returned from Seattle I got to do a senior photo shoot with this BEAUTIFUL young lady.

Anna was is such a doll. We had a lot of fun at this horse ranch.

She even makes an old shed look good.

What a beauty.

I also started working at a pumpkin patch on the weekends. The Hicks family are a blast. They make me laugh. 

I am overwhelmed with God's provision and opportunities. I am blessed.

Next I'm off to NYC to see my crazy friend Jerri. I'll be there in less than 48 hours and I'm shaking with excitement. She may find me living in her basement refusing to come home. If I do make it back, I have a couple of more photo shoots lined up and a few more activities on the calendar.

Stay tuned. I'll let you know how it goes.

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