Thursday, November 7, 2013

10 Ways to Have a Better Vacation Than Greg

My brother-in-law Greg was on vacation last week. Unfortunately it ended with pancreatitis and a seriously messed up gall bladder. It ended with a couple of trips to the hospital and surgery.

It was not a fun week, so I decided to help him out by suggesting better ways he could have spent his time. So here are 10 ways to have a better vacation than Greg.

10.  Get a full body wax followed by an alcohol rub.

  9.  French braid a porcupine.

  8.  Take a nap on a mound of fire ants.

  7.  Tie a live chicken around your neck all week.

  6.  Swim with sharks- with a live chicken around your neck.

  5.  Mistake Super Glue for eye drops.
(click for story)

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(I hope you guys didn't seriously expect a picture for this one!)

3.  Be this guy on any given day.

2. Carpool with Sasquatch

1. Throw up every day until your pancreas swells until you have your gall bladder removed.
(Oh wait! That's just what Greg did!)

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