Friday, May 23, 2014

Southern Salt Food Company (Food Truck) Review

(I totally jacked this picture from their Facebook page!)

Little Rock is hosting Food Truck Fridays at the corner of Capitol and Main. Unfortunately it began in April and only runs a couple of more weeks from 11:00-1:30. June 13th is the last chance to experience this mid-day fun.

There aren't many participating trucks, and they rotate from week to week. Today's offerings were two barbecue trucks (one mainstream, and one of the Asian variety), an Italian Ice cart, and a catfish/poboy truck.

My friends and I were delightfully pleased with Southern Salt Food Company's truck. It's a trailer rather than a truck, and it's quite charming. I didn't actually take a picture of the trailer today because I was too busy eating my lemon Italian ice as I stood in line for my Asian BBQ "cheese steak" sandwich. On site, the owners had taken the time to merchandise and stage the area surrounding their trailer with vintage coolers to hold cold drinks. The folksy props on the ground under the windows added to the ambiance.

The people running the food truck were genial and seemed to be enjoying themselves as well as their customers. That always enhances any experience.

But what about the food, you ask.

It was scrumptious. My Southern Salt "Cheese Steak" was hearty, but not heavy. It had a slight earthy flavor juxtaposition nicely with a savory sweetness. I wasn't sure if I could eat the entire sandwich, but I did. I was satisfied but not overly full. My friend Vicki ate the Loaded Bratwurst, and she was equally satisfied. She enjoyed the un-encased brat surrounded by the BBQ.

I am hoping to make it back to the last two Food Truck Fridays to see what other pickings there are to be had. The only negatives about today would be the deafening roar emitted by the generators of two of the trucks (not SSFC), as well as the fumes. The location is also problematic. While Capital and Main is centrally located, the corner isn't large enough to host many trucks. Then again, that would mean more generator noise and pollution.

Hopefully this trend will catch on. While Little Rock is a small city, I think it can accommodate a hearty food truck business. Even after FTF ends,  I hope to patron Southern Salt Food Company truck again in the future. Click HERE to go to their Facebook page.

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