Monday, April 7, 2008

Things I Like

I adapted this idea from a friend's blog. My list is by no means complete and in no particular order. This list easily could be a yard long if I had the space and I thought anyone would be interested.
  • The smell of fresh cut grass with a little wild onion
  • My niece’s giggle
  • Recognizing God’s voice
  • The smell of my mom’s kitchen
  • paper & pens
  • 5 more minutes with my mom
  • walking barefoot in thick, cool, Spring grass
  • polish for my toenails
  • thrift stores and flea markets
  • Sliding between cool, fresh sheets (especially if they dried on a clothesline)
  • Watching old movies on rainy days
  • ribbon
  • Sitting on the front porch to watch the rain or a light storm
  • The quiet of early morning outdoors
  • The quiet of late evening outdoors
  • Being silly with my daddy
  • Playing cards with friends
  • Watching lightning bugs
  • Putting my feet in a stream
  • Beautiful linens – bed and table (especially vintage)
  • Seeing someone delight in something I’ve created
  • Hosting loved ones (Martha Stewart style of course)
  • Music (oh, so many types)
  • My nephews' mischievous grins (all three of them)
  • Introducing my loved ones to places I love
  • The Frist Center
  • Stoby’s (sandwich shop in Conway, AR)
  • Looking at the full moon with my daddy
  • Beads
  • The smell of a library
  • Stickers
  • My sister’s voice
  • My mother’s voice
  • Making up new words with my mama
  • Climbing trees
  • Strappy sandals
  • Using an object for something other than its original purpose
  • Fruit tea
  • Cake stands
  • Perfumes and body splashes
  • Voce (cd by the choir of Trinity College, Cambridge, England)
  • Touching
  • Traveling
  • Mis-matched china
  • Cabbage roses
  • Waking up with a praise song to God running through my mind
  • That first good stretch after you wake up in the morning
  • Listening to water trickle in a stream
  • The smell of clean

So what is it you like?


Tina said...

I like to watch Berkley dance and Grayson play soccer.

I like my friendships that have been made at church and I like the love they give me.

I like storms that allow the lightning to dance in the sky.

I like quiet time with my husband.

I like you too!
Tina Jo

Ashli said...

I love this idea ... what a cool list... and I love all the little things in life that you're grateful for! Little blessings!

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