Friday, June 6, 2008

Laundry List

Ugh. This isn't exactly the type of entry I want to post. However, I realize we are to share our joys, sorrows, blessings, and needs with one another. So while sharing my needs is awkward for me, I will be sure to mix in a few blessings I've also received as of late.

First to all those praying for me and the upcoming Haiti trip, thank you. I have a week to go on the money deadline, and I'm still short by a long shot, so please keep praying.

Next I have a rather urgent need. I must find another place to live rather soon. Circumstances have risen that make my current situation unacceptable. This brings about another big necessity - a job. A permanent job, with GREAT BENEFITS, that provides enough for me to live on my own.

So there's the dirty laundry. Now for some of the fresh, beautiful blessings God has heaped on me.

Saturday I joined a couple of dear friends for lunch at one of our favorite spots. Tammy, Rhonda, and I went back to Wild Noodles in Cool Springs when we realized they were still open. We don't know when they are actually going out of business, but we know it's coming. We have vowed to go back as many times as we are able until that sad day arrives.

Later that afternoon an eclectic group of friends joined me at All Fired Up to celebrate my birthday. It was LOADS of fun regardless of what Kelly Mills will tell you. Seriously, Kelly and Missy were such good sports, and they did have fun despite being stressed over their projects. I can't wait to see all the pieces this weekend.

Sunday morning I woke up feeling emotionally and spiritually beaten up. I know the enemy was on the offensive. Sunday was my birthday. He is so mean.

When I got to church I sat in my car as Chris Tomlin sang Amazing Grace. I told God that I knew I should be there to worship Him, but that day I needed Him to love on me. And love on me He did. Everything about my time at church was from God.

Kathy Helstein provided a great birthday breakfast for the Sr. High class I teach. Then in my singles SS class the lesson was spot on for what I needed to hear. I sat in the back of the room with tears in my eyes.
Later, R. T. Kendall was our guest preacher. He served 25 years as Senior Pastor of Westminster Chapel in London and has just retired to the Nashville area. The ONLY date he had available for the entire year to speak was June 1st, and it was a birthday sermon customized by God for me.

 His sermon was on forgiveness, but there was another message within it that spoke to me. He reminded us that we don't know when the gifts God has given us will be put to use. There was reassurance that God does indeed have a plan for me. I sat in the TV control room taking notes with tears blurring my vision. It was beautiful.

Afterward I went to lunch with friends and laughed a lot! Thank you Lord. Thank you for the blessings already received and those I anticipate. And thank you for Your plan whatever it may be.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Okay, girl, I want an update on the Haiti trip funds.

Wish I could have been there for your party!

Love you!

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