Thursday, June 26, 2008

God is amazing

I'm leaving tomorrow for the first leg of my Haiti trip. Like last time, we will fly into Miami to spend the night then leave for Port-au-Prince on Saturday.

This trip is going to be completely different from the last. Already God has taken me down a new road in providing for this adventure. On my first trip to Haiti I was the last to join the team because I ignored God's calling because I couldn't see how I could possibly afford to go. (Stop shaking your heads and laughing.) As many of you know, God showed me that He was perfectly capable of equipping me for that which He had called. He provided the means to go on the trip in such a short amount of time that everyone was amazed. But then He had to. I took up so much time ignoring Him that I didn't give Him much time with which to work. Good thing time means nothing to Him.

Well this time I was listening a little closer. Therefore there was more time to allow for provision. Unfortunately when we (more precisely I) have more time between the call and the going doubt is able to take root. Doubt is a nasty little weed.

I didn't doubt God wanted me to go. I doubted His provision because it wasn't happening as fast as it did last time. Guess what. God doesn't have to do things the same way each time. So things were slower this time but everything came together - pretty much at the last minute. And when I say everything came together I mean EVERYTHING. God has provided beautifully and abundantly.

Once again I am humbled. Humbled by generosity of gifts and prayers. Humbled by a God that loves me enough to call me and trusts me enough to send me.

Thank you dear friends. Please continue to pray as we are in Haiti.


Dee said...

God speed, T. Isn't His generosity, and a bit of sense of humor as well, amazing?


Jennifer said...

Praying, dear friend!!! I can't wait to hear all that God is going to do on this trip (and see more of those incredible Haiti pictures! :).

Love you!


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