Monday, July 14, 2008

Haiti Journal, June 28, 2008

Wow. I didn't realize I missed this until sitting here just now. The sound of the waves, the breeze, the palm fronds slapping against themselves, and sea beyond the fence all bring me back to a place of simple peace, and simple faith.

In a way I can't believe that we are back - that I am back. It's going to be different this time around. For one thing it will be hotter, and the pace will be slower. I'm excited to see what VBS looks like here. I can't wait to see all those little faces.

So far the trip has been uneventful. Everyone arrived with all their luggage. That's always a good start, especially since we have 46 people at the mission this week.

We sorted the suitcases rather quickly. We had fewer cases than in March and we didn't have all the school supplies to organize.

I am in a small room this time. My room is in the same cabin as the bgm girls. bgm is Brent Gambrell Ministries. There is a screened porch with rooms to the left and right. I have only 2 roommates and have to say it's kind of nice to have so few vying for the shower. One of my roomies is Jenny Jenkins. She is a nurse I met on the March trip. It was so good to see her again, especially since she rounded up a better mosquito net for my bed. However, I forgot to bring my own sheets so I will use the choo-choo train sheet I was given.

We saw our first tarantula tonight and it was a biggie. It was on the cabin across from ours. It was HUGE - as in larger than my fist. Abner, one of our amazing guards, took his shoe off to kill it. As he stood there with one bare foot the bgm girls yelled and pointed out another tarantula by his foot. So he stepped on it! With his BARE foot! Blech. I thought Kelly was going to be sick since she was closest to him.

Thus ends day one. Thank you Lord for this amazing opportunity. Wow. You must really love me.

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