Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Fun With Photos

Ready for round two of Photo Fest? Let's start out on Union Street.

Next stop, Merchant's Restaurant & Grill.

Now on to Christ Church Cathedral on 9th & Broadway.

This fantastic hydrant is on the corner of 9th & Broadway next to the church. Don't you just love its character!

This pole and rusty chain are located on the back alley of the church. It caught our attention with it's amazing color.

Another angle of the chain.

I hope you are enjoying the photos. If you like these pickings then you should visit Dee's blog to see her shots (when she decides to finally post them). She does an outstanding job. Dee's blog is called "This Is How I See It." Check her out at the link on the right.


Stacy said...

Those are great pictures Tauna, good job!

Jennifer said...

Why is it that your photos make me miss you even more?? I guess I am just needing an infusion of creative fun from my *most creative friend EVER* right now. :) I love these!

Did you ever find gas???

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