Monday, September 15, 2008

Salvaging Memories

Saturday night my mom called me. "Tauna, pray for Mama. The tornado sirens are going off and I'm in the bathtub. I'm alone and I'm scared."

I told her to get out of the bathtub because it is on an exterior wall and move to the hallway. Now Mama deserves a lot of credit because I knew she was indeed scared but she was very calm. Daddy works at night so he wasn't with her and she needed him. As we were talking someone beeped in on the line. It was Daddy calling to check on his sweetheart. He told Mama to listen for the sirens to give the "all clear" signal before leaving the hallway.

The next morning I got a voicemail from Daddy telling me that a tornado had hit Cabot and destroyed the storage facility where they have a rental unit. I called them just as they were waiting for the gate to open to begin the salvaging process. Daddy handed the phone to Mama so he could help a gentleman force the gate open to allow access to the anxious renters.

My sister Mary was on her way to help and she had reinforcements. My nephew Christopher was also in tow to lend a hand. It's such a blessing to have a strong, healthy 15 (and a half!) year old around when you have a lot of moving and hauling to do.

After seeing the photos from Mary's phone I was happy to learn they were able to find lots of pictures and paperwork. While most items were soaked several were able to be saved.

There was a damaged rocker, a broken table, and a chair that has yet to be found but all in all a good ending. No, scratch that. It was a great ending. My mom was safe, as was my sister's family, and no one had to spend the night in the bathtub.
God is good. All the time.


Kecia said...

Wow. I hate that that happened, but as you said it could have been a lot worse. I'm so glad Ike is gone!!!

Jennifer said...

Your poor mama...I can just imagine how scary that was to be by herself! I am so sorry for the damage and loss, but *soo* thankful everyone is okay!!

mary said...

It is such a shame that it took this to have dad clean up his mess(kidding).. As mom and I went through everything it made us stop and wonder why we keep so much "junk" and it made us reflect on what really was important to us. I was so thankful for my family being ok on that day. However, when I got home it made me realize how much stuff we keep because we think it is important to us. It is now my mission to de-stuff myself and to try to remember to tell those who are important to me that I love them.
Tauna- I Love You!You are important to me!

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