Monday, November 10, 2008

Beautiful Weekend

This weekend was full of fun and loads of amazing color. I want to share some of the photos with you. (Disclaimer: The camera I used is 5mp as opposed to the 10mp one used for the previous photo shoots. Still, the pictures are sweet and worth sharing.)

The 1st two pictures were taken Friday on my way to work. The color was beautiful against the stormy sky.

Saturday Stacy and I went for a walk on the greenway. The scenery was gorgeous. We walked for over 6 miles. I could have walked 5 more easily with the fun company and great venue.

This is an abandoned house. I wonder what dinner was like when this house was young and full of life.

Stunning yellow. I just adore God's creativity!

A great barn. There are more shots of this sweet building.

This is my favorite photo of the barn.
It looks as if we are meandering down a country road but we are still in Nashville just yards away from traffic and the clamor of retail and sports.
This is a small, fenced cemetery of a revolutionary soldier and his family along the "country road" we walked. You could see kids playing soccer at the YMCA from the opposite direction of this photo.

This leaf was about 9" in diameter!
Along the greenway.
The actual greenway trail. It's so pretty this time of year.

These next few shots were taken along McGavock Pike on my way home from church yesterday.

Near the Two Rivers Mansion on McGavock.
Two Rivers Mansion
Leaves from the Bradford Pear trees in the parking lot at church.


KCarlson said...

Girl...those are AMAZING!!!!! The pics of the barn are my favorite.

Anonymous said...

This is what God is calling you to do is show His beauty and become a professional. The shots are awsome

Stacy said...

Great pics Tauna, I love that barn picture too, they all turned out great!

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