Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Childlike Wonder

It feels good to let go of grown-up ideas and assumptions. Sometimes you need a break from what is expected. We don't always have to think like adults. In fact, I make conscious attempts to unleash my mind from the trappings of deliberate thinking. My hope is to capture some of the freshness of an unpolluted mind. Does anyone else do that?

So I've been a thinkin'. I've been pondering God. What is He going to look like? What is Heaven going to be like? What will my days be like? Will there be days?

Will my eyes still be blue? Will I be able to see colors that are incomprehensible here? Can you feel colors?

How will music feel differently? It will all be for Him. Will my entire body respond?

What about taste? And smell? And touch? (I love to touch!) How many more senses will I have?

What is it going to be like, the first time I bow my knee in His presence? Oh the anticipation!

What does God feel like? I can't wait to touch Him!

Do you ever wonder? Tell me.


blue eyed bug said...

I think this is my favorite post of yours.

Daneen said...

I love that kind of pondering...I think He likes when we do too.

Anonymous said...

I think "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercyme sums it up for me. Great post, Tauna!!

Kecia said...

Will we eat? And if we do, is it because we need to or just for fun?How old will we be?

Heather said...

hmmm... good food for thought! I am reminded of this one time that I "felt" God. Words can't really describe, but I'll give it a go... He was very warm and comfortable. Enveloping, like a cloud. It was so overwhelming that I had to let go.

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