Monday, July 12, 2010

Parents Say the Darndest Things

My mom had a slight accident yesterday. As she was getting into the car, she pulled the door right into her face. The top corner of the door frame hit her near the temple. I got out of the car and we made our way back into the house. Mama sat down and we iced her head for the next 10 minutes. She was in some pain and had a nice little bump, not to mention an inch long purple mark, but decided to continue with our errands.

Mama's head is better today but she still has a swollen eye. And the lovely mark above her eye is now blood red and purple.

My dad looked up from the lunch table and and commented on Mama's injury. He noted the swelling and Mama replied, "I know, and that's where I usually put my eyebrow."


Angie said...

Ha Ha! That is so funny!!

Dee said...


Kecia said...

I'm glad you're back!

Anita/Nita said...

Bahahaha! Love it!

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