Monday, September 27, 2010

Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

This is my first tutorial so please forgive any neophyte mistakes.

What you will need:
  • fabric (I think prints look best.)
  • scissors
  • needle & thread
  • rice
  • fiber-fill
  • twig
  • hot glue gun (a girl's BEST friend)
  • silk leaf (autumnal colors of course)
  • large plate

Step 1
Lay plate on fabric and cut about 1" from edge. (This is a 12" serving plate, resulting in a 14" circle.)

Step 2 

Sew a loose running stitch 1/2" from edge of fabric. Leave needle attached and gather fabric to form a bowl. (I know I should have used a dark thread for the tutorial, but I am going to keep this pumpkin and I didn't want to have to sew it twice.)

Step 3  
 Pour a 1/2 cup of rice into bowl.

Step 4 
 Add fiber-fill.

Step 5
Hot glue twig (at an angle looks FAB) and cinch opening.
Sew closed. Make sure to hide your knot in a fold.

 Step 6
Glue silk leaf to stem or at the base of the stem where
it meets the pumpkin. I added a coil of green
florist wire to up the cute factor.

They are so easy to make, so you could have a whole patch of pumpkins in no time.

Hint: If you are using a thick fabric you will need to make your stitches long (farther apart). Otherwise you will end up with a LARGE opening after you've cinched it together. The opening will be better suited for a branch rather than a twig.

Bonus Hint: If you have an actual pumpkin stem that would be the BEST THING EVER! 

I hope you have as much fun making a patch of pumpkins as I did.

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K and Crew said...

You are soooo creative! I love, love, love these pumpkins, they are so cute!

Perri K said...

Love your pumpkins Tauna Marie!!

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