Tuesday, March 27, 2012

focused on Glory (beautiful, obvious glory)

There is something about the sky that captures my heart and thumps at my creativity. It is never the same. Even when I see a clear blue sky, I know it isn't the exact shade it has ever been before, and it looks different to someone a few miles down the road. 

The sky is amazingIt fascinates me. It can transform me into a wide-eyed child filled with wonder and awe.

I'm most fascinated by storm clouds. They are beautiful. Clouds add so much character to a blank canvas. 

The clouds I saw a few days ago where the best. They had all the interest and quality of storm clouds but without the threat of storm. 

It's a pity that a picture is such an inferior representation of God's actual creation, but isn't that always the case. We are called to be an image of Christ, but my picture is poor in quality. (And I'm not going to stop trying to mirror Him!)

Here is a shadow of the beauty I saw.

Be sure to stop by Jennifer's BLOG. She has posted some great stuff lately.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Love this! I saw the most wonderful clouds one day last week that I wanted SO badly to capture. All I had with me was my tablet, and I wasn't in a good spot (too many power lines, buildings, etc.), so I wasn't able to get a good shot. I love clouds. :) You are so right...they are amazing and unique, and such a wonderful reminder of our creative, powerful God!

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