Tuesday, March 13, 2012

focused on Glory (unthinkable genius)

Last Sunday during class, a lady mentioned that she is fascinated by all the thought God put into creatures like animals and insects. That connected with me because I can get overwhelmed when I think about the human body and the intricacies of its design.

Call me corny, but I am amazed by what we are able to do. And I'm not even talking about our mental prowess and staggering achievements as mankind. What slays me are things like moving our fingers in sequenced order to produce letters and words at the rate of 60-100 words per minute, or the fact that we can tear open our bodies and it can heal!

Am I alone here?

Seriously! Have you stopped to think about the fact that we are able (with practice) to move our limbs and appendages in such a manner as to perform fantastic feats as seen here. God gave us the ability to do these things if only we have the discipline (in most cases). 

And what about the way He gave our bodies an immune system? That's so. stinking. cool! Provided that we have common sense (eat right, engage in regular aerobic exercise, and get enough sleep) our bodies are able to keep an enormous amount of pirates from invading our systems. When something does get through, we have the ability to fight. I don't know about you, but I think the inclusion of white blood cells was ingenious! On top of all that is the ever expanding knowledge we have to aid in fixing our bodies. 

Granted, this is a simplified look at what God has done for us. There is so much more. I have a bunch of observations that make me shake my head in awe.

Despite a perfect design, we allowed sin to enter the world and corrupt God's creation. Because of this our bodies (and lives) aren't always in order. Thankfully we can lay all at the feet of Jesus. 

This week's picture is of the beautiful hands that God put on my mother. The fingers are beginning to knot and get crooked, and they have several "touches of color" that Mama would rather not be there, but how I love these hands. They are generous and loving.

Mama's hands have fed me, soothed me, loved me, and corrected me. EVERY day these hands pray for her family by name. Of all the things we can do with our hands, I think clasping them in prayer is the most worthy. 

Father God, thank you for what You have made.

(Now if she will just stop burning or cutting these sweet little hands as noted HERE. hahaha) 

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Jennifer said...

Love your mama's hands...precious and beautiful...just like she is. :)

mary b said...

I remember noticing moms hands when she was picking me up from school one day,she was 42 then.I placed my hands up next to hers wondering how mine would look when I got her age.Well,just the other day I took her hands in mine and looked at them again,mine now almost 40 and hers 70 years of age.My hands look like hers did.I wonder does my daughter look at my hands and wonder the same things.I love my moms hands too.They are so gentle and I love the person attached to them with all my heart and am so thankful for all she has done for me.She does have an awesome heart.Just one thought sis...look at your hands...they are just as gentle and precious as you are!I love you both!

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