Friday, May 25, 2012

focused on Glory (and reminiscing)

Last week was crazy, and I'm sorry for skipping my foG post. I'm probably speaking only to Jennifer. She's pretty much the only person that cares about whether or not I post anything here, and I'm okay with that. To the three or four of you that stop by from time to time, I also apologize for my lack of posting.

Some of the issue goes back to Mother's Day. My mother lost her baby sister that day. Over the next few days we tracked several miles down memory lane. That included pulling out old photographs. We needed to choose pictures for my Aunt Susan's memorial. In the process, we paused over many other printed memories. 

Here is a bit of what we found. Most of the photos didn't make it into the shot, but this is a nifty sampling of our family from years past with the exception of one picture of Tony & Mama. I don't know how that one got mixed in with the old ones, but I like it, so I didn't remove it. Click on the image for a larger view.

Some of these folks are gone, and I miss them. I love the ones who remain, and I pray for them by name. My deepest desire is for each of us to know God intimately. There isn't a hurt He can't carry us through. Of all the times I thought He had abandoned me, I can look back and admit that I was the one to turn my back. 

Jesus gave up more than I can imagine to come to our imperfect (by our own hands) world. He became one of us so we would know He understands how we feel. He gave up life willingly. No one took it. He offered Himself as a perfect sacrifice to redeem us. Without Him there is no entrance to Heaven. We are not worthy to stand before God, but all of us will. I know that when my time comes that Jesus will step forward and say, "She's mine." In the meantime, I hope to stay focused on Glory, and do my best to honor His grace.

Please don't miss Jef's BLOG. She has some good stuff coming.

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Jennifer said...

Beautiful post. Love that thought of Him stepping forward and saying "She's mine". <3

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