Friday, May 18, 2012

Pledge of Allegiance

...but our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for a Savior,
 the Lord Jesus Christ. 
Philippians 3:20

Above all I am a citizen of Heaven, and I strive to do my best as such. Secondarily I am a citizen of the United States of America, which instills a responsibility and honor I am blessed to bear.

God knew me before He created the first drop of water or blade of grass. He knew my story and how I would fit into His creation. God picked the USA to be my country. It was HIS choice, and I'm pretty sure He knew what He was doing.

Can the US be described as over-indulgent, lazy, misguided, or wasteful? Of course. We are an imperfect body made up of imperfect people. But does this make us worthless and irredeemable?


America is imperfect. It is full of over-indulgent, lazy, misguided, and wasteful people, but that is only part of the story, and part of a story is never enough for a whole picture. 

Our GREAT country is also populated with amazing Christian and American constituencies. Two great examples are Wayne and Andrea Rial. Wayne served our country as a Marine and now works for the VA. He and Andrea actively serve our country by working with Young Marines, teaching them dignity, honor, respect, and instilling an excellent work ethic within. They also serve their church and teach, chaperon, and role model the student ministry. Finally they are raising their children to be confident, intelligent thinking, Christ loving future adults. 

Another couple to mention is Anne and Richard Wells. Richard has served our country as a federal agent, judge, attorney, and corporate executive. He and Anne raised four daughters. These women are beautiful legacies of their parents faith and trust in God. 

I remember meeting Anne when I was in my mid 20s. I had agreed to teach a youth girl's Bible study. Being new to the church and not knowing many people, the youth pastor told me he would find a helper for me. He called to tell me that Mrs. Anne Wells would be my helper. I was dumbfounded. I tried to back out, saying that she could teach, and I would be her helper. 

I had only been attending the church for a few weeks, but I had heard of Anne Wells. She was one of those women in the church. The kind you want to be when you grow up. I knew I had plenty to learn from her. How could I possible be the lead in a classroom? It was too much like Timothy asking Paul to be his assistant. Anne wouldn't hear of it. She let me know that she had not been called to lead that group of girls. She became a beautiful mentor to me and drew me into her family during my few years in NW AR.

Anne and Richard taught their girls and countless others by their example. Their faith is apparent in their words and actions. 

There are many others I could mention, but I'm sure you get the message. We are not a lost cause. I believe we are still the greatest nation. If we want to see a change then we must DO something. Being an election year drives this point home all the more. As Americans we have the right, duty, and honor of electing our officials, but this message isn't about voting. It's about being the citizens God is calling us to be, and it starts by getting on our knees. 

I am distressed by all the anti-American sentiment flooding my senses. I see it on the computer, television, and in the papers. There's even a new TV show on the fall line-up that describes a group of good-conscience military personnel defecting to an island and declaring their independence from the US.

We have celebrities who have met with foreign leaders to discuss how evil we are. Then those celebrities suggest that we emulate those countries that have declared their hatred for the US. How ridiculous. Our freedom of speech definitely illuminates our ignorance at times.

I love being a citizen of the United States of America. I will never turn my back on my country, but I will kneel down for it.


Jennifer said...

You said it very well, my friend. You also put words to some thoughts I hadn't really been able to articulate yet. Thank you for sharing this!

t marie said...

Easily I could have spoken of you and Billy as well. You two are strong examples like the ones above.

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