Monday, October 22, 2012

Office Makeover Sneak Peak

I've missed the blog world. I have so much catching up to do, and there are about a ba-dozen posts I want need to read.

Here is a tiny peek into the office fix-up. Keep in mind that I am doing everything on a budget. That means that I don't always get to do things the way I would like... for now. The lamp below is a great example.

I found an adorable glass and gunmetal lamp at a local Goodwill. The lampshade was purchased at the same store. Together the price was $5.00. That definitely works for me.

What didn't work was the lamp itself. I knew this before I paid the $2.00 for it. It's a touch lamp, and I knew I could remove the sensor and reconnect the wires. It doesn't have an on-off switch, so I have to unplug it to turn it off. That's cool because I plan on putting a low wattage bulb in and leaving it on like a night light. (Please no anti-green environment hate mail over that last part.)

I didn't have any twist-on wire connectors, so I wrapped my wires in electrical tape and secured them to the bottom of the base.

Another thing that didn't work was the color of the shade. (Too bad I didn't get a picture of that.) It was a purpley-goldish hue, and that didn't fit into my black/white/gray/pink color scheme. So what do you do when you want a cheap fix? You spray paint the shade.

Looks pretty good, huh? Unfortunately It didn't look so great 
when I plugged it in. 

EPIC FAIL! That did not work. Now I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that I stink at spray painting. That's not true. (Although it may be true about spraying fabric.) There's about 3/4 of a can on that shade. That lampshade sucked the paint right out of the can. I'm not even sure I had to press the nozzle. Besides the pitiful paint marks, it still glowed golden brown. 
That meant a new plan.

I decided to wrap the shade with this adorable striped ribbon. Once it was covered I was going to belt it with a baby pink ribbon around the middle to accent its slender waistline. Cute, right? Of course it's cute. Unfortunately I didn't have enough ribbon and it was going to cost about $8.00 for more striped ribbon. That cuts into my el-cheapo plans, so onto a new idea.

Plan C was to wrap the shade in black tulle. It isn't as cute as the ribbon, but it is a good compromise for now. 

And the finished product. My original inspiration was an Audrey Hepburn style lamp, and this still fits. I'm sure I'll leave it that way for a while. (But be on the lookout for the striped ribbon in the future.)

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Jerri May said...


Virtual Business Solutions said...

Lighting is one of the essentials in workspaces. So having that lamp and fixing it with designs as extras is a good decision. Bravo!

t marie said...

VBS- thanks! I plan to have several lamps scattered around the office. The lamps and opened blinds should provide enough light so that I don't have turn on the evil overhead fluorescents.

Fitted Office Furniture Provider said...

Beautiful lamp! :) You are not only giving your home office a good lighting, but you are also adding more class to the entire space. Great work. :)

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