Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Acorn Squash (sigh)

I have zero excuses for ignoring my blog. I'm sure I've lost (again) the two or three of you who were hanging in there with me, and if there is anyone actually reading this post- thank you.

It's going to be a rather short post. I thought I would pass along a great recipe I tried tonight. There were going to be pictures (plural), but I was too busy cooking and drooling to get my camera out. I did remember to snap a shot of my plate before I snarfed the whole thing down.

I know. It's a horrible "shot from overhead" photo. It's also from 
my phone. (Don't judge.)

The squash was roasted then stuffed with rice, garlic, ground beef, black beans, green onion, spices, and topped with white cheddar. I also made a tomato-cilantro salad. It was so good that I'm having trouble breathing. That squash isn't the only thing that got stuffed. 

I'll leave a link to the site from which I got the recipes. You should definitely check out The Cozy Apron. Seriously- she has real pictures of the dish.

That's pretty much it for tonight. I'm hoping to be back on CC in a couple of days. In fact, I'm expecting a new lens to be delivered tomorrow. I can't wait to take it out and post a few pics. 

See you soon. (promise)

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