Saturday, March 30, 2013


Several days ago my niece and I decided to take a trip during spring break. We went to the charming town of Eureka Springs. It has fabulous architecture and friendly people. Here are a few of the shots from that trip.

There was so much fog on the road north that there were times we couldn't see an oncoming car until it was almost even with us. Suddenly there was a break just in time to see this idyllic scene.

One of the many great signs on the walls of the buildings.

Spring Street

This darling area was about 75 feet from our cottage. 
I love the rusty fence and gate.

Starry Night Cottage. It was seriously over decorated with a multitude of styles that waged war against one another. There were mirrors everywhere, even weird places. We counted 38 mirrors in the tiny house.

There was also an odd smell in the cottage. Fortunately it wasn't a strong odor, so we were able to ignore it 90% of the time. The only way to describe it was a mixture of vanilla incense burned days earlier combined with old kitchen grease and dust. Thankfully it was a weak odor. 

That said, we were so pleased to have the place to ourselves,
 and we discussed, in depth, how we would re-decorate it.

A cool bathhouse/hotel. 

I know. The writing on the photo is cheesy, but I couldn't help myself on this one.
We had such fun at this store. Unfortunately you aren't allowed to take pictures inside the store. I'm sure that's to keep the place from turning into an attraction instead of a boutique. The owner was delightful.

This fabulous gate was was on a trail about a block from our cottage. The trail was a 35° angle, and we had a clear view of the Christ of the Ozarks. The Crescent Hotel was above and behind us.

Coca Cola relieves fatigue.

Again with the cheesy words on the photo! Forgive me. I don't know what is wrong with me. However, you need to make sure to visit the Simply Scrumptious Tea Room if you are in Eureka Springs. The food was divine, the service was exceptional, and the owner was delightful. 
Check out their website 

Another amazing gate. Don't you want to go inside?

The Crescent Hotel. We climbed to the 4th floor veranda and took 
photos of the Christ of the Ozarks.


This was real fun and real silly. Caitie and I found the locations of the webcams around town. We coordinated our goofy plans with Mary, who was waiting in front of her computer. As we posed with our paper eyes and smiles, 
Mary took screenshots to document our play.

This is an old sign. We peeked down the stairs of the alley. We didn't see any undertakers

Thorncrown Chapel.

This is an interesting and odd, old truck we passed on the way home.

We rarely got a reaction from anyone else on the road, but the drive 
home was lots of fun- at least for us. 

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Jennifer said...

What fun!! Love the pics, and you and Caitie look beautiful!

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