Friday, June 27, 2014

Flowers From Old Books (Revamped Lamps)

 I found an old, tattered book, and it begged me to give it new life. I took it to my office, and it almost shouted out to a couple of lamps. The lamps were a snooze fest. They were boring and unrelated to one another. I decided to cut out flower shapes from the book pages. An Ellison die cut machine made quick work of my project.

(Not the actual book I used, but this could have been its twin.)

My short, plump lamp.

I used six die-cut pages per flower, and punched a tiny hole in the 
center of each shape.

Scrunch the first page around a brad. Be careful not to tear the hole, 
or the brad will fall out.

Continue to crumple pages onto the brad. I wadded the last two pages in my hand before adding them. This was to get a good shape without pulverizing the bud already formed on the brad.

The finished project. Cute, huh?

The last step was to use one of my favorite tools ever - a glue gun!
I have four glue guns, but I keep thinking I need another.

My tall, waif lamp.

I liked it much better after the lace and trim was removed.
It's even cuter with the flowers. I brushed a bit of pale pink onto the pages for this lamp.


I think these flowers could find a happy home in so many places. They would be super cute on a package or gift bag, or how about a bunch of them on stems for a bouquet? 

How would an old book spark your creativity? I'd love to hear your ideas.

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