Sunday, June 28, 2015

Prayer, Planning, and Poo

This has been a gorgeous day. It has been worship filled day. It has been filled with laughter.

And today was a poopie day.

First, let's stroll around the Bailey Plantation. This is my home for 10 days while I watch over the estate and the youngest resident.

Here's a glimpse of the peaceful beauty that surrounds me.

The view from the expansive, back deck.

Part of the front drive.

The youngest resident, Belle. She isn't very good at hiding from the squirrels.

The charming potting shed.

The day began at church. It was a lovely time of worship and learning. We studied John 12: 20-26, and learned that dying to self means letting go of ego. We can leave a lasting legacy in God, if we die to self.

Then it was on to a meeting with the women's ministry leadership to plan for a year of activities. I am the new publicity coordinator, so this was my first time to meet with the group. We ate boxed lunches before getting down to business. 

My friend Janet arrived a little after the others, and she brought her four month old. When I finished eating I took the baby. This allowed me some baby time and allowed Janet to eat. We all learned how vocal B. was, as he sat in my lap. As Janet says, "He's quite chatty."

Sweet B. just awake from a nap, and sporting a pretty decent comb-over.

The meeting was in full swing as I continued to hold B. in my lap and take notes. Out of nowhere we heard what sounded like a congested elephant sneezing its trunk off. It was loud, and everyone stopped and stared for a moment.

We all knew what had happened, but I actually felt it. The force that came out of that child caused him to bounce on my lap like the lid on a boiling pan of water. I could feel his diaper flapping against my leg.

I looked at Janet and said, "He just had a blow out." Janet just nodded calmly and replied, "He's really good at that." 

I turned from the conference table so Janet could take B. for a change, but Janet wasn't reaching for her baby. She was reaching for the wipes. She started snickering and said, "Oh Tauna! It's on you. It's on you! I'm so sorry." I looked down to see the grey poupon on my pants. (I'm so glad I wore jeans to church today!) 

And that's when I lost it. 

I started laughing. Janet started laughing. I held the baby out in front of me as Janet cleaned off my jeans. After a valiant effort at cleaning me up, Janet took B. and laid him on the floor to change his diaper. That's when I looked down and saw the "spicy mustard" on the carpet between my feet. B. had been dripping the whole time. I snorkled and whispered, "It's on the carpet." That put Janet over the edge. 

I slid out of my seat onto my hands and knees beside Janet. As she cleaned the baby. I cleaned the carpet, and we laughed hysterically. We now had our heads below the table level and were fighting for every breath as we laughed. We were crying, sniffling, and gasping, all while the grownups continued the meeting above us. Janet whispered, "I feel like a 12 year old who is laughing under the table." I could only nod, as I wiped my eyes. (Did I mention this was my first meeting with this group?)

It took a few moments to regain my composure and take my seat again. I picked up my pen to write something on my calendar and noticed I had wiped a yellowish smear across the page. I turned my hand over to see more poo. I ducked my head toward Janet and said, "It's on my hand, too." Suddenly a hand was thrust from below the table holding a baby wipe high in the air, and the giggles started again. 

I'm not sure about the impression I made on the ladies and one gentleman, but I know I left an imprint. They may be calling for a backup in the publicity department. Oh well. At least they know I don't frazzle easily.

I hope your Sunday has been as peaceful, joyful, and worshipful as mine.


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