Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mama-ism Update

It has been a while since I posted a Mama-ism. I don't know why. She comes up with gems all the time!

Today we were having devotion and prayer time together over the phone. Wait, I must pause to explain admit that any of my friends who have heard me pray know that I often end with 'bye' instead of amen. My conversations with God are personal and conversational. It isn't uncommon for me to offer the blessing at meal time and thank God for things throughout the day but forget the food. I then add a hasty, "Oh, and thank you for our meal!. Bye!"

Now back to today. Mom prayed after I did. She finished with up, and I was about to speak when I heard her call out with urgency, "Oh wait! Wait Jesus!" before adding a couple of items she had forgotten.

As if Jesus had turned to rush off at the sound of 'amen.'

Now I know where I got it.

Isn't she the most adorable mama ever?

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