Thursday, October 2, 2008

For The Love!

Could someone please give me some drugs? I have a headache eating its way through my skull. Let me warn you that this post may suddenly drift into nonsensical keystrokes.

I've taken 1,500mg of Advil and have seen no ease in my pain level. This fact tells me that the medication is only keeping my headache from getting worse - as in migraine.

My headaches are almost always irritated by visual stimuli, and I am able to handle auditory invaders much easier. Not so today. Not only do I want to turn off my office light, but I would love to rip the phone from the wall. I have to admit that answering the phone all day has begun to be a constant irritation. However today is worse than ever, and it isn't the constant ringing and feigning politeness as I answer. You see the volume on my phone is stuck on LOUD. The callers on the other end sound as if they are speaking into a megaphone superglued to my ear. Even on a non-head splitting, eyes watering, crawl under-my-desk-and-die day the volume is ridiculous. I am able to turn down the volume ever so slightly from Heavy Metal Concert Level to Wind Tunnel Level. Unfortunately I can't turn down a call until I've picked up the receiver. I've been in a constant race all day to punch the volume button (3 times only) before the caller is able to speak. So far I'm losing.

And the light. Why, oh why, do we have to work under fluorescent lighting? It's harsh AND ugly. Not that anything in my office is even remotely attractive. The walls are covered in a sea-grass wall paper and EVERYTHING is brown - doors, metal desks, chair, table, and pictures, or grey - carpet, chairs, computers, file organizers. The office hasn't been updated since the early 80s. Gee, maybe this is why my head is hurting.

Anyway, I thought I would sit and write to my friends. And no, looking at the computer screen doesn't feel good. That is why I am typing with my eyes closed. Laugh if you want, but it's true. (I hope I'm still making sense because I am not reading this as I type it.) So here I am writing for my friends and any random stranger that may trip over my blog. Writing through my pain.

I've had several people tell me that I sometimes go too long between entries. I'm trying hard to do a better job of posting. As the previous post stated, I am reading about Marines, and they have inspired me. I mean if they can do what they do on our behalf, then surely I can suck it up and sit at my ugly brown desk, in my ugly gray chair and write a few words while my head slowly melts before eruption. It's the least I can do. I love you guys.

Now, for the love, will someone please give me some arsenic or cyanide?


KCarlson said...

I said a prayer for your head I hope you start to feel better or the rest of your day flies by and you can retreat to you house.

PS. Starbuck with an extra shot of expresso always works for me.

God bless

t marie said...

Thanks for the prayer Karla! Unfortunately I hate coffee.

KCarlson said...

Then log onto BooMama's blog. She has listed some of her favorite things and reading it and the comments has really brightened my day.

SusanM said...

I totally, completely and resoundingly agree with your head trauma! Go to the doctor and get on some Imetrex! Those things are wonderful for migraines and once you take one, you will never go back to advil!

BTW, where are you working now?

Jennifer said...

Oh my dear and wonderful friend! You are the only person I know who could have me laughing my head off (no pun intended:)) at a post about a headache! now that I empathize tremendously, and I pray that your headache has disappeared into the sunset by now, and I am *so* sorry that you had one at all. But as always, I love your way with words. I feel as if I am sitting in that ugly office with my head hurting right alongside yours!

Speaking of cool to see where you work. Ugly or not, it will be nice to be able to picture where you are when you are beating me at Scramble! ;-)

Btw...have you tried Excedrin for those headaches? I could take an entire bottle of Ibuprofen and it wouldn't make a dent in mine. Other than the fact that I use a generic, I could be the national spokeswoman for Excedrin! :)

Love ya!

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