Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fun Times & Family Photos

Last Saturday I spent the day with sweet friends. We started the day by taking casual, family photos then we went to lunch, rode bikes, and washed cars. Good times! Here is a small sampling of the pictures.

Miss Grace at the Opryland Hotel.


On the walk between Opry Mills and the hotel.

I love this candid shot of Jim & Kellie laughing.

And this one is just sweet.

On the greenway in Two Rivers Park.

Clover Bottom Development Center

The Steam Plant at Clover Bottom.

Thank you, my friends, for a lovely day.


KCarlson said...

Holy cow! I need to hire you to take our family photos those were wonderful!

Sarah said...

I LOVE YOU TAUNA MARIE!!! And once again, your photography had inspired me. Seriously. I went out on Sunday after church and took some pics. I haven't really had a chance to look at them, much less post them anywhere. But I took them! LOL!

t marie said...

Ok, seriously you guys are precious. Thanks for the encouraging words. It was a fun day.

Sarah, I can't wait to see your pics.

Jennifer said...

You have missed your calling, sister! You need to forget everything else and become a photographer!! Or at least come to Arkansas and take pictures of my crew. :)

Those are fantabulous and I want a "Family Photo Day with Ta-Ta". (Do you know that my kids correct me whenever I call you Tauna? They indignantly announce, "That's TA-TA, Mama!" :-D)

Kecia said...

You take such good pictures!
And I love the Opryland Hotel. I got to stay there once with Amanda and her parents when we were in high school! Ever since then I've just "snuck" in and looked around. :)

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