Tuesday, December 20, 2011

focused on Glory (sunset)

There is a large field across the street from our neighborhood. At the far end sits an old shed and two dilapidated buildings. From a distance it looks like an old barn and out buildings, and I enjoy looking at them as the Sun sets behind them each day.

Once I got curious and drove around until I found the road that connects to the far end of the field. The road in front of our neighborhood dead-ends into the corner of the expanse. I found the other road, and it too is a dead end. (Funny how dead-ends keep coming while I'm foG.) I saw the buildings up close as I turned around and headed home. They are quite interesting.

Yesterday looked like it would produce a little color for the end of the day. I've always enjoyed sunrises and sunsets. They make me think of God's endless creativity. That may sound hokey, but I'm someone that delights in making something over, and over, and over, but doing it differently each time.

I grabbed my camera & tripod and put on my rain boots (which was SUPER SMART). I  stuffed three plastic grocery sacks in my coat pocket and set off across the field. Is trespassing forgivable if it is in search of God's beauty and glory?

The field was muddy! More than once I was sucked down past my ankles and had trouble lifting myself out of the thick muck. Boy am I glad I had those plastic bags. They were real leg-savers for my tripod.

I can't promise this won't be the only sunset to show up during this year-long project. I love them. It's as if God is winking at me and saying, "What do you think of this one?"

 Every time I see an old decaying building, I wonder what it was like inside those walls way back when.

 The sky was constantly changing, and so were my settings.

I wish you could see more of the hot pink on the right side.
It was so pretty!

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1 comment:

Kecia said...

Beautiful--and I am fascinated by old abandoned buildings, too.

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