Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Not focused on Me

I've known all along that I wanted to have an foG post like this, but I'm still not sure if I can pull it off. This could very easily sound like it is focused on my glory, but I promise that isn't the intent. If anything, I hope to reinforce my gratitude to God for making me who I am. CBell is a friend of mine, and she has the BEST quote. "It's good to be me." I agree with her. She is the most amazing CBell evah!

And you know what? I like being me.

My life isn't perfect, and neither am I. (I can almost hear the "Amens!") Like everyone else, I KNOW I get on people's nerves, am sometimes rude and unsatisfied, and not always a great example to follow. But God's grace covers, and I am redeemed. Psalm 51: 1& 2

I love that God chose me to be me. I'm happy that He chose each of us specifically. One time I was standing in the kitchen with my dear friend Tina Jo and her husband. Ron is a forensic accountant. The job title alone makes my eyes cross! I remember turning to Ron and saying, "I'm SO glad God makes people like you. You make the world work." Ron smiled and answered, "Yes, but you decorate it." He told me that "people like me" make the world easier to live in. I loved that!

Am I the most creative person on the planet? Certainly not. Am I the most original. Of course not. But I do enjoy some of the silly things that pop into my head, and I recognize Who enables me to have those ideas. And being PERFECTLY honest, I love when people enjoy something I've created.

With that in mind, I want to show you a couple of pictures from the Christmas decorations I put together. My crafty ideas aren't going to win any prizes, but they sure were fun to implement.
This is one of the Christmas cone trees I made. It is sitting on the top of my grandmother's antique secretary. 

 What can you do with a little round Coca-Cola bottle? Cover it in glitter to make a sparkly ornament.

God is the giver of all things. Be pleased with who you are, and please Him with what He has given you.

And a little p.s.
As I was finishing this post, I turned and saw this image. I had left my camera like this, so I grabbed my Olympus P&S. Does anything describe this project any better?

Be sure to check out Jennifer's post HERE later today. Jef had a rough go last week, but she will be back this week.  


Kecia said...

I love this post! Every bit of it! And your conversations with your mom made me and my mom :) laugh out loud.

Jennifer said...

You do decorate it! And you are ONE of the most creative people on the planet. :) I've ALWAYS said that. You and AnnaBeth. :) Love this post! It's perfect. <3

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