Tuesday, February 7, 2012

focused on Glory (African Children's Choir)

Last Wednesday I went to see the African Chirdren's Choir. I was still on meds for bronchitis and  felt as if I could sleep 10 hours a day. As much as I knew I would enjoy the choir, I really wanted to stay home. 

In my pajamas. 

Under a quilt. 

With my eyes closed.

But I didn't -because my mother wanted someone to go with her. 

So I got dressed and went to church. We went early to get a good seat, which meant we also had a good wait until the show began. I sat with my head lolling and bobbing as I tried in vain to stay conscious. 

Suddenly three little boys ran down the center aisle and up the stage steps. They took their positions in front of the drums and smiled

I melted. 

Then I heard whispers behind us. (We were on the second row from the back aisle.) Lining the back of the sanctuary were the other 12 children. I smiled at the little boy four feet from me and he smiled back. His eyes danced from me to the stage as he waited for the cue to run.

From that point on I didn't have any issue with drowsiness. In fact, I only had two problems. First, I had forgotten my camera, and second, my face was hurting because I was physically incapable of not smiling.

About an hour into the concert, when then kids ran off stage for another costume change, I ran out to the car and made a mad dash home for my camera. FINALLY, something I truly appreciated about living in such a small town. The round trip took 10 minutes and I had only missed one song and a testimonial, but it was so worth it.

The ACC has several choirs that tour simultaneously. This group of children was from Uganda. Oh the JOY that filled the room as they sang and danced.  

We should all look like this when we sing about Jesus! And I will never understand why the SBC doesn't condone dancing. It's okay to have visiting groups like this dance, or a ballet at Christmas time, or even dancing at special events like Tiger Tunes (held on a SBC college campus), but we aren't allowed to dance for our LORD at any other time? (We interrupt this rant to get back to our previously scheduled blog post.) 

 This is the choir leader. Forgive me for not remembering her name -and added forgiveness for the picture quality. This lovely woman walked past me so quickly that I didn't have an opportunity to change any settings on my camera. I had one shot and hoped for the best. Regardless of technique, it is impossible to miss the beauty of this lady. It's a good thing this feature is focused on Glory, and not my abilities. 

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Jennifer said...

SOOO glad you were able to grab your camera!! These are wonderful! Definitely glimpses of glory there. I have always wanted to see the African Children's Choir...I'm trying hard not to be jealous. :) I'll have my post up later tonight, I hope...still trying to catch up from celebrating birthday yesterday!

Unknown said...

so glad your mom talked you into hitting the show - it's people like you that make the Choir's ministry possible. hope you heal up fast!

Anonymous said...

This beautiful woman is Eve, and we were privileges to host her in our home along with three smiling, giggling, hugging, reverently praying boys for two nights early in the tour. What a joy! Thank you for sharing this!

t marie said...

Thank you for telling everyone her name! I only wish you had left your name for us as well. :)

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