Tuesday, February 28, 2012

focused on Glory (even when it's dreary)

I love to swing. It's one of my simple pleasures.

Some day I hope to have a front porch with a big swing, and another swing in my backyard. Even then I will probably continue to go to a park or playground to swing. At the playground you get the thrill of pumping and building velocity until your eyes climb over the top bar of the set, then relaxing as your momentum lazily sweeps you back and forth.

It had been weeks since I had gone swinging, and today seemed perfect. It has been a dreary day, but not in the typical sense. Sure it's as overcast and gray outside as putty, but I've never minded days like that. My dreariness is coming from a gray, overcast heart. 

There are some things that God has presented to me that need work, and some things that I've presented to God to ask for help. Then there are the gray things that are just hurtful.

So today I decided to swing. I looked up into the beautiful, murky sky and poured out my heart. I talked to God and asked Him to open my eyes to see His beauty in a place I've often deemed dreadful. Of course it runs much deeper than a physical location, and I've asked forgiveness for occasionally refusing to look for His mark on this season in my life. I want to look for His glory even when I don't feel like it.

God loves me. He has a plan for every moment of my life, and He knows EXACTLY what He is doing. I trust Him.

Beautiful God, thank you. 
(p.s. Thank you for swings too.)

There is something special about swinging on a swing set.

I didn't remove any color from this photo. This is how gray the sky was today. (I'm an oddball because I love these days as much as a bright, sunny one.)

As always, check out Jenifer's BLOG. I just love it.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Love the swing picture. Seriously love the tree picture. But even more, love what God is doing in your heart. And love you, friend. <3

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