Thursday, February 16, 2012

Laughter is the Best Medicine?

I've been wheezy all day. All because I spent the better part of yesterday laughing. I literally laughed for hours.

It all started with my sister's comment on the post below. I responded on facebook that her words were sweet, and that I was due to spit on her soon, followed by a request to join me for lunch.

She offered to cook lunch for me, and I asked her to go into town to run an errand with me afterward. Lunch was yummy. Mary prepared grilled chicken, potatoes & carrots, biscuits with honey, and carrot cake. We ate, laughed and talked for an hour before leaving for Little Rock.

During the drive we shared stories of stupid people (aren't we precious!), and of what we wished we could have said/done. Whoever said, "There is no such thing as a stupid question," was wrong! Just ask my friend Mrs. Manly. She has customers call her and ask things like, "Do you have an acapella  song with music?" And she and I have both had variations of, "I'm looking for a song. I don't know who sings it, or what it's called, but it has a piano in it. Do you know which one I'm talking about?"

We laughed about ONE time I could not get someone to spell my name correctly. That story is HERE.

Then we talked about paying our personal property taxes and the fact that we are both delinquent. When I moved back to AR I went to the Assessor's office and DMV to get AR tags. It was explained that I wouldn't owe any taxes because they are assessed on the previous year. I already knew this and just smiled. When I returned the next year I was told that I didn't owe any taxes again. I told them there had to be a mistake, but they assured me they were correct. The next year I was told the same thing. I stood in disbelief and asked them to please check again because I did not want an ugly surprise later down the road. They gave me a statement showing that I owed NOTHING. Two months later my name was listed in the paper for being delinquent on my taxes! 


Maybe I should have asked them to check under the 
name T-a-u-m-a.

We completed my errand and decided to go to a thrift store. I LOVE thrift stores. I am forever on the lookout for item I can re-purpose and craft. And time in a thrift store with my sister is always good for a laugh fest! Anything can be used as a prop to propagate giggles. I didn't find anything great, but Mary found a dress that will work for her 40's inspired party in a few weeks!

Our last stop was Michael's. I got some bead component on sale and two sets of fat, wax lips. SCORE!!

On the way home it rained hard. The road was beginning to flood, but we didn't mind. We still had a few snickles and snorts going on. When we got back to Mary's house I went in to hug Greg and Caitie. 

I tried to tell Caitie about some of the funny stuff that happened, but Mary kept interrupting me. She was imitating what I sound like when I am overcome with laughing. She kept sputtering, "P-p-p-p-p," and making mock wheezing noises. I might have been annoyed if she hadn't be so stinking funny. Instead I was bent over trying to breathe.

From the time I got to Mary's to the time I left again, we laughed. It was the gut wrenching, food spitting, asthma inducing, st-st-st stuttering, wet your pants laughing!

It was a good day. Good thing I have inhalers.

p.s. I love laughing so much that I added my motto to my debit card when I designed it last year.

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