Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lions and Turtles and Camels Oh My!

Do you know what personality type you are? I've taken several varieties of personality tests for different reasons over the past few years. Each test has its own method of scoring and assigning traits. According to the Jung and Briggs-Myers TEST I am E-S-F-J (extrovert-sensing-feeling-judging). There's no real surprise that extrovert was my dominant trait. (And thankfully judging doesn't mean judgmental.)

Another test rated me as a Sanguine-Choloric. Again, no surprise. The results are the same but called by different names. For information on traits related to sanguine, choloric, melancholy, or phlegmatic personalities check this SITE. There are a dozen more sites, but that was one of the first I found for this post.

Last week I had to take a new personality quiz. I wasn't familiar with this particular form of people branding. It administers animal traits to the results. I found it amusing until I began the interrogation of my inner identity. After looking at the possible results I knew I would end up as a 

Much Loved Monkey... 

 with a heaping side dish of Leading Lion.

Content Camel...

and Tranquil Turtle didn't stand a chance.

Unfortunately knowing the end results wasn't enough. I was going to have to go through a list of four-word groups and pick the best representation of me. Sounds simple enough.


I don't like choosing just one of pretty much anything. My brain doesn't work that way. I have learned to adapt to a world that likes definitive answers. For example, when someone asks what my favorite food is I say it's potatoes. I do love potatoes. (Yes love. They are worthy of that word.) I'll eat a potato virtually any way it is prepared, but I could have also replied with other items like our family burritos or fresh fruit salad.

Imagine my angst when I had to choose from words like content, independent, active, and perceptive. I feel rather strongly about more than one of those choices, but I COULD ONLY CHOOSE ONE.

Dang it.

Then there's doubtful, wishy-washy, intolerant, and angered easily. Um, no thank you to any of those. Or how about non-affirming, rude, scatterbrained, or unconcerned. Wow. How do I pick one of those lovely descriptors?

Another grouping included diligent, advocate, author, or certain. Shoot! Now I'm getting easily angered at my choices and feel quite wishy-washy over my hesitance. heeheehee

Oh well, I know I end up as a Monkey-Lion, so I'm obviously not going to worry about it too much.

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