Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Coffee Filter Wreath for Fall

I was looking at a new blog this week and got inspired to make something for the Fall season. The blog is called My Simple, Sweet, & Southern Life, and Ashley seems quite delightful. The craft that made me thirsty for an Autumn project was a giant, felt mum.

The tutorial can be found HERE

I had a stack of coffee filters, and they seemed like a good place to start.  Here's my "ingredients" list.

Coffee filters (duh)
Glue gun and glue sticks (duh again)
Cardboard for the wreath
Food coloring
Water color paints (for adjusting my colors after the fact)
Ribbon for hanging
    Step one was dying the coffee filters in bowls of water with a bunch 
of food coloring mixed in.
The filters soaked up the liquid faster than I could snap the shutter.

 I put the filters outside in the sunshine to dry. 
They dried alright- a lot lighter than I wanted. 
As the filters were bleaching in the sun, I cut a wreath shape from a piece of cardboard. I also cut out some tan tissue paper to use as a neutral color.

After wrapping the cardboard with tape (for extra stability), I started gluing on my Autumn  Spring colored filters. (Grab the filters from the middle and make a pouf.) Starting along the outside of the ring I glued a tan pouf after every two pink-but-should-have-been-red filters.

I glued the inner most row next. Again, I alternated 
one tan with every two yellow filters.
After the inner ring was done I filled in the middle with the orange filters and the remaining tan and pink filters. I did not put these in any particular order.

The wreath looked like a spring meadow. (Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of it then.) To offset the pastel sweetness I decided to spray the wreath with more color. I squeezed some Indian Red water color paste into a squirt bottle and added a little water, and I spritzed the heck out of the wreath. The color still isn't quite right, but it's much better. 

Here it is with some of my fabric pumpkins. The last thing I did was attach a ribbon to the back. It should have been the first thing I did, but I always get something out of order. I'm not a fan of the gold ribbon bow. That's probably going to change.

The tutorial for the fabric pumpkins can be found here.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm very honored you shared my wreath. I'm more thrilled though that my wreath is able to share such great company as your coffee filter wreath. The colors are perfectly fall.


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