Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New (Blue) Adventures

I started a new position as the Children's Ministry Assistant at my church. I can tell that it is going to be an adventure. To say that this job wasn't on my radar is quite the understatement. However God knew I would land here, and He put everything in motion to make it come to fruition.

Here are a few pictures of my new office taken with my phone. I was told that I was stuck with the colors, but that's okay. I can work with that shade of blue (and the purple too).

Chalkboard paint as you walk in. That has all kinds of  fun potential. 

The door "leads" to a dead-end alley between two of the church buildings. I think the key to the deadbolt  has been lost for a long time. 

The copier is a new addition to my office. It is extremely handy and horrifically ugly. I must find a way to camouflage it.

The rocker is also new. The previous rocking chair was much larger. 

I'm not sure what I'm going to do to soften the eyesore of this wall, but I hope to come up with something. The door on that wall leads to the office next door.

Finally, the view from my desk. There is much work to be done.
Stay tuned in the weeks to come to see the office make-over. I can't wait! Now to come up with a plan or two.

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Blake Mitchell said...

That's a nice color swatch, actually. Well, you can try adding an accent color with accessories, right? Hmmm... What are you planning to do with that copier? That's quite big to camouflage. Hehe.

Kecia said...

Looking forward to hearing more about the new job! :)

Workspace Solutions Expert said...

Great office stuff! A perfect place where you can work in. Good choices! :)

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