Monday, May 27, 2013

Upcycle a Dollar Store Clock with Scrapbook Paper

I found an old, significantly inexpensive, plastic clock at my mom's house. My first instinct was to trash it, but then I remembered my sizable collection of scrapbook papers. I believe I have more scrapbook paper than any non-scrapbooker.

I knew I couldn't turn the clock into a nice masterpiece, but I was shooting for cute. It couldn't have gotten much worse. (Please excuse the towel in the pictures. The kitchen table has a glass top, and I grabbed the first thing I could to use as a back drop.)

Remember when speckled paint was in? 

The first order of business was to find a paint color for the frame. There happened to be just enough left in this can to do the job. Isn't this a great color!

Next up, I cut a couple of pieces of coordinating scrapbook paper. I used the original face to trace the solid color circle, then I found a plate a tad smaller to cut the patterned paper. The glittery paper is delicious!

The result is a cute, if slightly lopsided, clock. I think it is a definite improvement. Now it looks well enough for Mama to hang in her kitchen. (As soon as I straighten the paper face.) And did you notice the glittered dots at twelve, three, six, and nine? There's also one in the center on the seconds hand. 

I have to say that I really like how the little clock turned out. The best part is that I can switch out the paper when I please. I'm a big fan of scrapbook paper (and paper in general). My office is full of paper decorations. Remember this cute window treatment made from paper? 

There are many possibilities with paper, so before you toss something in the trash, give it a second look.

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