Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Home = Heart

I'm going home for a much needed visit. I can't wait to see my family. It hasn't been that long but I'm ready for a fix. I told some friends that I realized that in the last five months I've seen Haiti twice but my family only once. It's time.

While I'm home I am going to make necklaces with Caitie, go swimming with Matthew, and spend an afternoon with my sis and all the kids at Wild River Country. There are also plans to go shopping with my Mom at all our favorite spots as well as spend a day with Mom & Dad (we are going to get a watermelon - an Arkansas watermelon - yum!).

I am also going to see my sweet college friend Stacey, and Devin my best friend from high school. I just found Devin's phone number on the internet and called her last night. What a treat to hear that sweet voice on the phone. I can't wait to sit and catch up with her in person.

And who knows what else I can cram into six days at home. I'll let you know when I get back.

Finally, a couple of pictures from this morning. Bye, for now, my friends.


Welcome to the Nest said...

T, This is your bro. I wanted to share something with you.

You have an amazing heart. Love you!
talk to you more when you get home.

Jennifer said...

Can I just say I am fighting jealousy right now??? Jealousy for all those who are going to be able to see you when you are just a few short hours away from me, and jealousy that you are going to get to see your sweet family, whom I love so much!!

Have a wonderful, wonderful time, hug your mom, and give your dad his standard greeting from me!!

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