Thursday, August 21, 2008


I just finished a delectable repast in the form of the Sawf Salad from Sam & Zoe's. While this wasn't my first venture to this delightful eatery in Berry Hill, it was my first experience with this delicious salad.

The Sawf Salad is a mix of greens, including yummy spinach, chopped walnuts, feta cheese, and slices of strawberries and avocados. I opted to add grilled chicken and topped it off with raspberry vinaigrette dressing, my favorite!

Sam & Zoe's is sandwiched between Heather Place and Thompson Lane. It is behind Baja Burrito and across from 100 Oaks Mess (excuse me, I mean Mall). In addition to delicious salads they offer a variety of scrumptious sandwiches, coffee, and fruit teas, including Apple Berry tea - delish!

As this is a small establishment I would recommend visiting during off-peak hours. And if the weather is nice you should eat on the front porch. There isn't much of a view but it's always fun to eat on a porch and you can sit and read when you are finished.

The only drawback, and it can be a biggie, is parking. The parking lot is microscopic and the lanes in and out are difficult to maneuver at best, giving cause to the recommendation to go at odd hours.

If you do visit Sam & Zoe's be sure to pop around the corner to visit one of my other favorite Berry Hill establishments, The Beaded Bungalow on Bransford Ave. I get all tingly just thinking about all the pretties inside that little cottage. Oh happy thoughts.


Jennifer said...

I want to go!!!!! :-)

Kecia said...

Hey Tauna-Love your pictures of your nephews and neices. They grow up so fast, don't they? I'm a great-aunt now, you know. Yikes. And I love Wild River Country! I know it's small, but we have so much fun there. Especially when the crowds are down, like you said. When we lived in Conway for a year before Magnolia we could go with our church for $8 each. Those were the days...:)

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