Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Natural State

I'm back from a week at home. It's rare that I get to go home for an entire week. To be honest I was a little worried about spending that much time under one roof with my dad. You see Daddy and I are usually good for about 5, maybe 6, days before we get "reerhr" (think angry cat noise) with each other. As much as we love each other there is something about the two of us living in the same house that eventually gets itchy and irritating. You all know what I mean by this!

To make things even more interesting, Daddy was sick the entire time I was home. He had bronchitis and sinusitis. As most of you know that combo is my nemesis. It's as if those two infections are tandem partners. Partners that I've entertained twice this year, so imagine my concern when I heard the diagnosis. All week long I kept telling Daddy, “Don’t touch me!”

We knew Daddy was in bad shape when he got up Thursday morning and asked mom to call his boss and the doctor. Mom and I just stared at each other. Honestly, I can't remember Daddy missing work to go to the doctor. It has happened, but it's so rare I can't recall any instances. He usually waits until his day off. He even let Mama drive him to the doctor!

Well he had several days off per the doctor's orders. That meant that we spent more time together than usual, and may I just tell you that we were great together. There was a little hissing on my last day, but we did quite well. Silver medal worthy I'd say. The best part is that Daddy is much better and back at work.

I left Nashville at 3:00 AM Thursday morning and, thanks to rain, arrived at Mom and Dad's at 10:00. After eating breakfast I took an hour nap then showered and waited for Mary and the kids to pick me up. We collected Matthew and Jake and went to Wild River Country.

We had loads of fun at WRC. A storm had passed and lowered the temperature making for a nice day. The storm also attributed to a light attendance at the park which made for no waiting for slides! It was fun hanging out with Sis and my kiddos.

On Friday I met Devin for lunch. Devin was my BEST friend from 6th - 12th grades. I hadn't talked with her in about 10 years, and it was delightful spending time with her. I have to that she looks GREAT! The years have been kind to my sweet friend.

(I hate my hair color in this photo. My hair really isn't red.)

It was such a joy to catch up on each other's lives. We were so happy to reconnect and vowed to stay connected. This, I know, will happen. I know I want to have Devin in my life from now on. After all, she was one of the two most important friends I had growing up. She is dear to me and I can't wait to redevelop this friendship.

After lunch with Devin I went to Chris and Stacey's house to hang out. We didn't do anything but talk and watch the opening ceremony for the Olympics. Stacey apologized for the boring evening, but I informed her that I wasn't looking to be entertained. It was fun just spending time with old friends. The Eley's are another example of rekindled friendships that I treasure.

The rest of the week was filled with hanging pictures, making teacup planters, and painting and hanging a plate holder for Mom. The teacup planters were made by gluing a cup to its saucer. Then you glue a 1/2" copper pipe cap to the bottom of the saucer enabling the planter to sit on top of a copper pipe in your flower bed. Unfortunately I didn't think to take a picture of this cute little craft. Maybe I'll take a snap on my next trip home.

I also hung a decorative iron piece by the front door. It is a cream colored square with scrolling curves inside and made for a beautiful contrast against the brick.

Another great thing I got to do on my trip was take pictures of all my kids. Well not all. I didn't get any pictures of Jake. If I had known I would only see him once during the week you can bet there would have been a camera in his face.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Several years ago I took pictures of the kids in the apple tree in their yard. Chris remembered this and headed to the tree when I got the camera out. I loved going back to that "venue." The tree seems so much smaller now, but the shots are still great.

Caitie is such a beautiful young lady, and look at those stunning eyes she got from her mother.

What a doll face!

The Sun was a little bright for Matthew but he was such a good sport getting his picture taken. I love this shot.

Matt and I were on top of the fence around Mom and Dad's neighborhood. One of their neighbors came out and told us to get down off the fence before the police were called. I'm still rolling my eyes.

Matthew in front of Mimi & PaPaw's house.

The only things I didn't get to do while home were go swimming with Matthew and get a watermelon. The weather didn't cooperate for swimming, but we had a blast running Matt's errands and back-to-school shoe shopping.

The watermelon was a disappointment. I was supposed to go on a short trip with Mama Daddy to buy a couple of watermelons. However Daddy didn't feel like leaving the house. I couldn't blame him, nor did I want to be cooped up in a car full of cooties. Mom and I said we would get some melons locally but we never got around to it. That was a bummer. Oh well... next year.

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mary said...

Atleast you got to eat fresh cantelope from our garden ehile you were here. And while looking at the pictures I was so amazed at how beautiful my kidos are when - wait a minute are those my flip flops chris is wearing-argh... he is is trouble now.yuck, i guess i will give them to him now that he probably stretched them out the little goober.

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