Wednesday, July 6, 2011

$5.99 Worth of Cuteness (chair covers)

A while back I found a darling set of napkins at Tuesday Morning. Deliciously large, 20" square napkins. I loved the colors and the floral print especially. The combination of size, color, and coordinating prints required me to make the purchase. My only regret was that it was the only set.

The napkins (shown folded in half) came in these two cute fabric patterns.

I decided to use the napkins as chair covers for my mom's kitchen chairs. She had been looking for chair covers for some time and hadn't found anything she liked.

I knew she would like these.

Mama and I both adore the Shabby Chic look. Rachel Ashwell has been my favorite designer for years. You can find out more about Rachel and Shabby Chic here.

The napkins fit the chairs perfectly! The only thing left was to sew on a few ties. Easy schmeasy!

  I cut strips from a blue sheet, sewed simple tubes then attached them to the napkins. Of course I placed the napkins on the seats and pinned where the ties should go. (You can also use a sturdy ribbon like grosgrain to cut down on the sewing.)

And voila. Simple sweetness. You can't beat a $5.99 happy!

Now tell me what you could do with a set of napkins.

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